Music Is My Life– Cold Ambitionz, Smitty Beats

Seems like ever since, the first day we met
There is no one else I think of more than you
Can’t seem to forget, can’t get you out my head
Cause the verdicts in I’m crazy over you
How can one be down, tell me where to start
Cause everytime you smile, I feel tremors in my heart
I have but one concern, how can I get with you
Til my day comes, here’s what I’m gonna do

Be sittin up in my room
Back here thinkin bout you
I must confess, I’m a mess for you
Be sittin up in my room
Back here thinkin bout you
I’m just a mess with a thing for you


— body —

“LoQ Hair” BerryJuice (LeftSided & RightSided) FatPack
*BOOM* Renegade Princess shadows gluttony pack
*Smoosh* Lipstick – Tytties Pack 2- No longer available
Custom iNKZ – Skeleton Tattoo- Marketplace only

— outfit —

Ricielli Mesh – Spiked Bra + Pullover #rollingstones
:FANATIK: Leather leggings Black
[C.A] Unisex Chucks Noir

— accessories —

Smitty Beats “Mach 1” Box (White)
MG – Necklace – Kalistar Collar (Earrings)- Marketplace
[ni.Ju] Simple Piercing 01 – No longer Available
-RYCA- Lip-Piercing Double-Row Diamond/Platinum- Marketplace
~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Nose Piercing- Marketplace only
::GB:: Curb chain Accessory Set (Gold)
RO – Duality purchase container
RO – FAMOUS Ring Purchase Container

— poses–

.::Kirin::.Lana Pose Pack


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