Borderline- Cold Ambitionz, Deadly Couture

So you heard that I’m a rebel with a heart made of stone
I got a restless spirit that nobody can own
If a picture tells a story won’t you listen to mine
I’m searching for the answer but it’s so hard to find

You’ll see much deeper when you read between the lines
‘Cause there’s a fire burning in my eye

Like a thief in the night who can’t get enough
I am willing to fight ’cause I’m a soldier of love
Like a shot in the dark when the going gets rough
It’s a state of the heart, you’re a soldier of love

I’m willing to fight


— body —

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Evie Hair- Marketplace
 *YS&YS* Eye LipStick for Danielle skin
[DC] Enlightened Minds Tattoo- Marketplace

— outfit —

GizzA  – Dropped Collar Jacket [Solid]- Marketplace
—->Ponte {v2}
[whatever] High Heel 2.0 – bordeaux- Marketplace

— accessories —

Lazuri Diamond Rings
Lazuri Fall Romance Earrings
Lazuri Fall Romance Necklace

— poses —

[C.A]::Black Ice Pose Pack::


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