# 77 Serendipity


“Because there’s nothing more
beautiful then the way the ocean
refuses to stop kissing the
shoreline, no matter how many
times it’s sent away.”
the Requiem of the Moon Poetry

Serendipity Credits

One of the first posts I did almost a year ago, included my sister, Vixen, and my brother Dee.  This post means a lot to me as it is of us three again.  Though we may not speak every day, everything starts and ends with the family.  We have come full circle, and as you know circles have no beginning and no end.  We just are.


Shirt: *EXTRO* Lxfe Tee
Hat: *EXTRO* Tropical Bucket


(Chemistry) Hair – Mila :Hair
*E.D.* Tank Lace – Thick Event Showroom :Dress
*Fishy Strawberry* Fly :Glasses
[Co57] Julia Fringe Sandal :Shoe
[MANDALA]Legacy set :Jewelry


Hair: Truth Hair Bexley
Dress: ::G:: Glo Designs  Sunny Dayz Maxi –  P.H.A.T Event
Earrings: RYCA Iced Hoop
Bracelets: RYCA Hand Chain
Anklets: RYCA GJS Gold


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